Musica Fortuna in 2018

Our Cristmas concerts 2018…

December 2nd, Jeřmanice

December 8th, Hodkovice nad Popelkou

December 11th, Turnov, a concert with Carmina

December 13th, Turnov, The Town Theatre

December 14th, Turnov, The Town Theatre

December 15th, Svijany

December 16th, Jenišovice

December 26th, Valdštejn

January 6th, Sobotka


Other events…

November 10th – 11th, Workshop in Buchtovna, Rejdice

October 11th – 14th, Our Swiss friend Sound Agreement visiting us.

August 15th – 19th, Visit in Spiez, Switzerland

April 14th – 15th, Workshop in Josefův Důl